Product Description

Fluronix Vixibot is a derivatives asset trading robot that trade fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, index, stock etc on MT5/MT4 platform.

Why is it important? 

You stay on both direction when the market is bearish or bullish! Meaning Vixibot can generate profit both on bear and bull market by short or long on the specific asset.

Vixibot has been tested and trusted to carry on, on managing your account. Note: Trading of derivatives asset is risky and while Vixibot is guaranteed to make profit in every 30 days, before using Vixibot make sure you fully understands the risk involved in trading derivative assets! 

Key specifications of  Fluronix Vixibot

  1. Fully Automated
  2. Runs 24 hours every day
  3. Ability to long on low price and short on high price.
  4. Uses automatic TP (Risk management)
  5. Uses automatic SL (Risk management)
  6. Can execute many trade base on user decision (high frequency)
  7. Telegram notification
  8. 10 days average position holding
  9. H1 is the recommended timeframe
  10. And much more!

Broker: Any Broker of your choice

Vixbot 35 days ROI estimate : 5 – 30%  (note:  the percentage will reduce or increase base on initial deposit and market condition for that period)