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Trade professionally using the most effective trading bots and capture all profitable opportunities in the cryptocurrency and forex market. Automate your trading and earn at ease!

Explore endless possibilities with Fluronix

Our suite of powerful trading bots is designed to empower both beginners and experienced traders, ensuring you never miss a profitable opportunity.

100% Automated!

A vibrant solution that lets you earn passive income from cryptocurrency marketplace, even while you’re sleeping.

Be ahead of any investor with Newtokenbot

Newtokenbot  is a bot that trade verified  non honeypot tokens when it is listed new  on decentralized exchange.

Take advantage of bull and bear market with Vixibot

Vixibot is a forex bot that trade on MetaTrader5. Make money via short or long  on BTC, ETH, BNB  etc on MT5 trading platform!

Getting Started with Fluronix: Simple Steps to Success

Navigating Fluronix: A Quick Guide

Watch tutorials videos on the way to get started with any of your preferred trading bot, the way it works, why you need to install it and how it can help you make the most out of the financial market automatically no mater who you are in less than 10 minutes

Trade on the go. Anywhere, anytime.

Install your bot on your VPS and access your bot in any platform.




Automated trading accessible to users of all experience levels.

Automated trading accessible to users of all experience levels.

connected countries

connected countries

Consistency and proven track record in the financial markets

Consistency and proven track record in the financial markets

Daily Profit In Bull or Bear

Build in military programming technique making it the only smart bots that you need to multiply your trading profits in a daily  basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much profit will I earn from Fluronix bots?

There is no specific profit amount, all depends on your initial deposit, but we guarantee you profits in every 35 days for any of Fluronix bots. Take note that they will be a day that the bears are fighting against the bulls, in that case if your bot is only trading  spot then you will have to wait for the bulls to win the war!

I installed my bot 2 hours ago, why is it not opening a trade?

They is no signal to open a trade, at that period your bot is calculating trading algorithms and saving it to the memory for trading decision(this process takes a little time after installation). Note: your bot will not just open a trade because it is a bot, it first of all do algorithmic analysis before making a buy or sell decision .

Will I loss money if I install Fluronix trading bot?

Our bot is backed with proper risk management meaning you will not loss your money! Even if they will be floating loses or loses as a result of trading, you will still recover and at the end you will go home and enjoy your profit.

What is the minimum amount to trade with?

The minimum amount is base on your initial deposit. alway make sure you give your bot an allowance to execute more trades, for example if you installed the DCA-Pumpbot make sure your trade volume will not eat up your overall deposit in few trades, so that your bot can execute many trades, as more trades will mean more wins

People have said how good Fluronix is:

Our happy clients say about us

‘The BTC-digger Robot’s seamless execution of trades, even when I’m not actively monitoring, has significantly increased my profits. The versatility to thrive in both bullish and bearish markets is truly impressive. Fluronix is a game-changer!”

Elsie Luna

Elsie Luna

Freelance React Developer

“The Newtokenbot’s ability to trade verified tokens upon listing gives me a competitive edge. The daily profits in any market condition, coupled with simplified automation, have made my trading not just profitable but enjoyable.”

Liam Joel

Liam Joel

Blockchain Engineer 

“Vixibot’s performance on MetaTrader5 has exceeded my expectations. It doesn’t just trade – it adapts to market nuances. The military-grade programming ensures daily profits, making Fluronix an essential tool for anyone serious about maximizing gains in the crypto and forex market.”

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Community Manager

"The fast 24/7 algorithm executed trades seamlessly, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. What impressed me most was its adaptability in both bullish and bearish markets. This has not only multiplied my daily trading profits but has also simplified and enhanced my overall trading experience."

Sarah M.

Business Developer

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