Service Agreement


  1.  Provider: Fluronix
  2.  User(s): Anyone using this website or the software
  3. Software: The trading bot developed by fluronix that allow users to automate their trade for profit, through the website https//

1. legal advice:

1. You need to bear in mind that the laws of your nation  can also prohibit transactions made with cryptocurrencies. In case you are unsure of the fame of cryptocurrencies for your jurisdiction, you should seek for legal recommendation from a legal expert practicing regulation on your jurisdiction.

2. The User is aware of the risks involved in trading and using cryptocurrencies and takes full responsibility for these risks.



2.  Support and disclaimer:

1.  Fluronix has a discord group wherein user can ask questions about the website and software program. Fluronix will only supply the information about the functioning of the software.


2.  Fluronix will upload tutorial videos on the website and Youtube on how to use the website and software.


3. All tutorials videos uploaded with the aid of Fluronix are preferred and incorporate in no way private and/or financial advice.


4. Fluronix does not give users any personal financial advice or any personal advice on recommended settings like order volume to trade with the software.


5.User will get telegram notification of the trade made on his/her exchange account by fluronix bot.


6. Fluronix admin will not message you first privately through the group chat, otherwise it is intended. If you have any private message pretending to be the admin of fluronix is absolutely a scam!


7. Most of the information at the “group chat” on fluronix chat groups are person generated. Fluronix has no impact at the statistics and information that is transmitted between users at the group chat, Despite that Fluronix will monitor some of the contents uploaded or shared by users on the user group chat, Fluronix  is not liable for any data and information on the Group chat. Fluronix may remove content and information from the Group chat if we notice that the content or information is unlawful, violating these terms or is otherwise inappropriate.

8. User acknowledge that the signals generated by Fluronix DCA-pumbot  position trading mode is base on the crypto market activities and if the user decide to execute the signals he should apply his own analysis and should do so in his own risk.


3. Liability:

1. Despite that cryptocurrency spot trading is not as risky as derivative and Fluronix mission is for all users to make massive profit out of using the software. Fluronix is not liable to any user for any (direct or indirect) lost of asset  through the use of the Software as a result of disabling some features of the software or panic selling by the user or any consequence that make the price of the user trading cryptocurrency to fall (rugpull).


2. While Fluronix offer a license key to users as the access key to the software, users acknowledge that the license key is his/her private id and Fluronix is not liable to any situation where Users license key is stolen and any third party subsequently makes use of the Software without User’s consent.


3. Fluronix is not liable for the proper functioning of (hyper) links provided by the Website.

4. Fluronix is not liable to a failure to meet any of Fluronix obligations under these terms where such failure is due to events beyond Fluronix’s reasonable control.

3. Users agree that Fluronix takes no obligation for other websites or other sources supplied via a third party over our website links. Fluronix takes no obligation for the contents, ads, tasks or different sources on the web sites, example link to crypto exchanges. Fluronix takes no obligation for the commodities, services or facts at the above-mentioned websites.

4. Refund:

1. User acknowledge that  Fluronix does not refund after the user make payment as a subscription to the software.


5.Fair use of the software:

1.The user agrees not to pirate or hack the software.

Fluronix is more than happy to offer you the excellent services. if you have a complaint, remark or concept, you may WhatsApp Tom