They is no specific profit amount, all depends on your initial deposit, but we guarantee you profits in every 35 days for any of Fluronix bots. Take note that they will be a day that the bears are fighting against the bulls, in that case if your bot is only trading  spot then you will have to wait for the bulls to win the war!

They is no signal to open a trade, at that period your bot is calculating trading algorithms and saving it to the memory for trading decision(this process takes a little time after installation). Note: your bot will not just open a trade because it is a bot, it first of all do algorithmic analysis and make a buy or sell decision .

Our bot is backed with proper risk management meaning you will not loss your money! Even if they will be floating loses or loses as a result of trading, you will still recover and at the end you will go home and enjoy your profit.

They are many factors that our bot consider before making trading decisions, factors like aggregating financial data from different source, calculating buy pressure,  using technical indicators, listening to event etc. Note: this is base on the type of  bot you activated.

The minimum amount is base on your initial deposit. alway make sure you give your bot an allowance to execute more trades, for example if you installed the DCA-Pumpbot make sure your trade volume will not eat up your overall deposit in few trades, so that your bot can execute many trades, as more trades will mean more wins

Absolutely no. Fluronix bot does not have acess to withdraw your funds