DCA-Pumpbot – Standard

Dollar-cost averaging, pump detector as well as positioning trade bot

How to install

Product Description

Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot is a 3 in 1 trading bot, which consist of DCA-tradebot,  Pump-Snipingbot and Position-tradebot.

What is DCA, Pump sniping and Position trade?

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is the process of buying more when prices are lower and less when prices are higher. However, trying to time the market for the best time to buy or sell a cryptocurrency is extremely difficult.

But it is extremely easy with Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot  because Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot uses high frequency trading technique to scan for the potential best buy price as well as time of any cryptocurrency!

The scan happens 24 hours a day, so you don’t even need to do anything rather then just getting an alert whenever your Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot buy a cryptocurrency.

Pump sniping is the process of buying a cryptocurrency before the price of that cryptocurrency  pumps for the day. However pump sniping can only be executed by Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot because pump sniping is beyond human trading capability because they are more factors to take into consideration and timing is essential in this aspect.

For more details on how the pump function of the Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot  works watch this video

Position trade  is the  process of buying a cryptocurrency for the long term in the expectation that it will appreciate in value. This type of trading technique is not for impatient traders as it involve holding the cryptocurrency for a long time.

Fluronix Position-tradebot is a bot that trade cryptocurrency  on your behalf, it is less concerned with short-term price fluctuations unless it has a long-term effect on the cryptocurrency. Fluronix Position-tradebot is a trend follower bot.

Key specifications of  Fluronix DCA-Pumpbot

  1. Fully Automated
  2. Runs 24 hours every day.
  3. Ability to aggregate cryptocurrencies pump potential from different blockchain network and snip the cryptocurrency in cefi exchange for cost saving!
  4. Ability to buy low and sell high (DCA)
  5. Uses automatic TP (Risk management)
  6. Uses automatic SL (Risk management)
  7. Can execute up to 50 trades a day on DCA-Pumpbot only (high frequency)
  8. Telegram notification
  9. Telegram portfolio manager
  10. 5 days average position holding (DCA-Pumpbot only)
  11. And much more!

Exchange: Kucoin

DCA-Pumpbot 35 days ROI estimate : 10.34 – 73.2%  (note:  the percentage will reduce or increase base on initial deposit and market condition for that period)

Position-tradebot 108 days ROI estimate : 50 – 500%