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Pip_Master bot

Pip_Master bot is a firm auto bot that take trades with the aim of little target per day. Pip_Master bot is for clients who want to trade with very low risk. It will save your time to sit down in front of your computer, as it all trade with low risk and fantabulous return.


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Tomee_bot is fully automated to buy or sell the US30 index (Dow Jones), as it execute trades only at the US30 index, so is referred to as the Dow Jones trading bot.  Tomee_bot has auto SysOps engineering integrations that enable it  to detect the specific time to buy or sell the US30 index base on the overall performance of the 30 largest publicly owned companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange


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What service do you provide?

We are providing copy trading services. You can copy our AI auto bot trades for free.

How much is your charges?

We do not charge you any subscription fee. We will share 30% of your profit each week immediately from each profitable closed trade placed by our system. You can also use our service completely free of 30% commission if you meet the criteria 

Is there any other hidden charges?

Absolutely no

Do you charge commission if there are some losses?

No. We won’t charge you anything until we recover the losses

How much is the expected return?

Our expectation is to grow your account at least 30% monthly after deducting our profit portion, but it all depend on your initial capital, if your capital is high then the return might be lower than 30%.  Please keep in mind that there will be some loosing trades and loosing weeks, so you have to wait for at least 35 days to see the full ROI.

If you use our 30% commission free service, the expected return will be even more. But it is not guarantee to our clients, we are dealing with probability.

What if I lose money?

Fluronix AI auto bots cuts the losses short, but this doesn’t mean that they will be no losing trades in the client’s account, client need to set a proper risk management during the process of configuration of our AI auto bot

What if my account is blown off?

Your account will not be blown off. You can set your maximum drawdown to a specific percentage of your account balance.

How does the referral system work?

Lets assume you refer John, and John makes $500 in a given month. Fluronix 30% profit from John in that month is $500*30% = $150. You will get $150*10% = $15 in that month.

So, if you refer John, you will earn from John every month for lifetime as long as John is active on Fluronix. If you have 50 referrals like John, your monthly income will be 50*$15 = $750 just for referring them once in your lifetime.

How long do you keep track of the affiliate cookies??

We save cookies for 30 days, so if your referral sign up before 30 days after he/she had clicked on your referral link  we still count it as your referral.

How can I withdraw my affiliate balance?

We pay our affiliates every ending of each month through paypal or cryptocurrency. The payment range from 30th day of the current month to the 10th day of the new month (sometimes it might delay more than this)

Do you have any physical office address?

No, we manage our client remotely and we do not require any physical office.

Do you have any online customer service?

Yes, we have online chat service 24/7

The minimum depends on the specific AI auto bot you want to install, ranging from $50 to no maximum funds.

What trading methods do you follow?

The trading methods are described on each of the bot specification menu

How can I start?

Please follow this 👉 sign up link

What if I want to cancel my service, is there any charges?

You can cancel your service anytime. There will be no charges. Even if you are inactive or cancel your service with us, we will still be paying you for your referrals if they are active.

About Us

About Fluronix

Our mission is to help you succeed financially. We want you to join us in building wealth in a long period of time, not in a short time!
We’re here to help traders/investors find additional trading scene that is trading for them while they are not in front of their computer. New and professional traders, can earn more with the same investment.

We help remove the condition of fear from traders, by using our AI auto trading bot you get rid of bad emotions that can lead to blowing up your trading account.
We keep improving our AI auto bot base on the ongoing condition of the market to make trading with fluronix AI auto bot the best for all traders.
Check it yourself.

Risk Warning

Risk Warning

Trading Forex and Leveraged Financial Instruments involves massive risk and might bring about the loss of your invested capital. You should not make investments extra than what you can manage to lose and should make sure that you absolutely understand the risk involved. Trading leveraged products and non-leveraged products such as stocks may not be suitable for all investors, because it involves risk as the value of a stock can fall as well as rise, which could imply getting returned less than what you initially put in. Past performance does not guarantee future results, so before trading, please take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary. It’s the duty of the client to examine whether he/she is allowed to use the services of fluronix, please study fluronix client’s service agreement.


Service Agreement

Fluronix And Customer Service Agreement

This Agreement is made by and between:

Fluronix The “Manager”


You The “Customer”

While, Fluronix offers AI auto trading bot for it’s customers

  1. The customer agrees that his/her trading account follows all trades of the Fluronix AI auto trading bot.
  2. The customer may close his/her opened trades or the whole service anytime.
  3.  The customer agrees to look forward to at least 35 days for a full return of profit, even they may be few loses in the customer’s trading account.
  4. The customer can setup his/her maximum lot size allowed by the broker.
  5. Fluronix doesn’t have or need any access to the customer’s trading account except the customer chosed the 30% commission free.
  6. The customer guarantees that he/she will not withdraw his/her funds within the next 4 weeks. Otherwise Fluronix will stop his/her services immediately.
  7. The customer is agreed to share his/her 30% profit (this process is automatic) from the trading account from the date of this agreement, unless he/she has opted to the 30% commission free service.
  8. If Fluronix AI auto trading bot loses the customer’s funds or loses a part of it as a result of buying and selling financial instruments in the customer’s trading account, Fluronix doesn’t refund any fee to the customer or refund any of the customer’s losses.

Only if you are agreed with the above terms and conditions. Please give your permission to connect your account to our AI auto trading bot services.

Risk Warning: Your capital maybe at risk. Before using our services make sure you fully understand the risk involved. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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