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This is the home of automated trading.


Fluronix trading bots were used individually since 2020, and ever since then fluronix bots has been generating profits from the financial market. For the previous couple of years many people were more interested in crypto trading and other financial market automation just like you, so we decided to offer fluronix bots to the public so that they can also experience the power of high frequency trading using Fluronix bot.

Our mission

Our mission is for our users to make profit using fluronix bots, so we value your feedback when using any of the bot offered by Fluronix. We designed Fluronix bots to be simple and flexible to use, straight to the point, to make automated trading accessible to everyone and provide opportunities to traders of all experience levels to make profit in the ever growing financial market. No complicated features, settings or functions like other bots.

We will make sure we keep on working to improve fluronix bots and keep the features simple for all levels of traders

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